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Former Fox Host SAVAGELY Attacks Trump

Image credit: Today Show

No wonder he’s no longer on Fox!

Former Fox Host, Shepard Smith slammed President Trump’s debate performance during a recent airing of CNBC’s “The News.”

According to Breitbart, Smith stated, “Truth is there has never been such a thing as last night. A first official introduction of the two candidates from the committee on presidential debates follows rules, dignified, democratic, structured, American. Not last night. That debate cannot be measured by traditional x’s and o’s, regardless of how you’ll vote.”

Smith then said, “Let’s mark this moment. Last night the president called into question the heart of our democracy — the peaceful transition of power. Is there assurance that it’ll happen? Asked to give it, the president declined, and openly sowed the seeds of distrust in the outcome.”

You can read the full details of this story here.

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