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Image credit: Fox News

These people should be ashamed.

Recently on CNN, host Don Lemon angered many viewers when he asked Dr. Sanjay Gupta if President Trump contracting COVID-19 was a “moment of reckoning” for him and his administration.

According to Breitbart, “[I]s this a moment of reckoning for the president and this administration?” Lemon asked. “For all of the — all of the pretending or looking the other way and trying to convince people otherwise of the science, for whatever reason — whether it was for, to make sure that he was re-elected, to make sure that he had high standing with the public, or just to — for whatever reason. because of the economy. is this now a moment of reckoning that — yes, this is real. it is not a hoax. it doesn’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican. It is time to take this seriously, and all the preventative measures that the scientists, the doctors, like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, have been touting for so long?”

You can watch a clip of Lemon’s comments here.

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